Kawasaki Mach 111 – 1970 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Kawasaki      Year:

Kawasaki Mach 111 – 1970

Year: 1970
Manufacturer: Kawasaki
Model: Mach 111
Colour: Grey
Engine Size: 500
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1970 Kawasaki Mach 111 Motorcycle.

The bike was restored by its owner with luscious 3 stage Kawasaki paint.

The original wheel rims and hubs were re-laced with new spokes, trued and balanced.

The engine was completely re-built with a new Kawasaki factory crank, new crank seals and new pistons and rings.

A new oil pump was fitted.

All new gaskets were used.

New brake shoes were fitted.

All of the wheel bearings were replaced.

New steering stem bearings were fitted.

The forks were rebuilt with new seals.

All of the cables were replaced.

A really great restored Kawasaki Mach 111 Motorcycle.

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Honda CL72 Scrambler – 1963 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Honda      Year:

Honda CL72 Scrambler – 1963

Year: 1963
Manufacturer: Honda
Model: CL72
Colour: Red/Silver
Engine Size: 250
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1963 Honda CL72 Scrambler Motorcycle.

This was a frame up restoration of a rare 1963 Honda domestic version CL72 Scrambler.

The engine was rebuilt with a new old stock cylinder head, cam chain, upper end and lower case gaskets.

The frame was stripped down and all of the red parts were powder coated.

All of the chrome was professionally re-plated.

The tank and side covers were painted.

New period correct Cheng Shin tyres were fitted.

The wire harness was replaced with a new old stock item.

The front and rear aluminium fenders were replaced with nos items.

Both wheels were rebuilt with new spokes.

A lovely restored Honda CL72 Scrambler Motorcycle.

BMW R27 – 1964 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: BMW      Year:

BMW R27 – 1964

Year: 1964
Manufacturer: BMW
Model: R27
Colour: Dover White
Engine Size: 250
Drive Type: Shaft
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1964 BMW R27 Motorcycle.

This BMW was fully rebuilt to as close to original as the owner could get it.

The single stage paint was applied in a thin coat just as they did in 1964.

The stripes where hand painted.

The entire bike was rebuilt, every seal, bearing and gasket was replaced.

New shocks were fitted.

All of the rubber parts and cables were replaced.

The wheels were rebuilt using the original aluminium rims, original hubs and new spokes.

The tank was re-coated on the inside with the correct red coating.

The original petcock was rebuilt.

All of the original hardware was reused after being re-plated in clear zinc.

The speedometer was rebuilt by North Hollywood Speedometer.

The engine was completely rebuilt using new valves, rings, all new seals and gaskets.

At the same time the gearbox was completely gone through along with the rear drive assembly and the carburettor.

A really great restored 1964 BMW R27 Motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Crusader – 1963 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Royal Enfield      Year:

Royal Enfield Crusader – 1963

Year: 1963
Manufacturer: Royal Enfield
Model: Crusader
Colour: Red
Engine Size: 250
Gears: Four-speed manual
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick start

Restored 1963 Royal Enfield Crusader Motorcycle.

The engine was stripped and inspected.

The rebuild included new big ends, rings and gaskets.

The clutch was re-assembled with new plates and springs.

New cam and primary chains were installed.

The kickstart and gearlever were replaced.

The frame, swinging arm and all of the tinware was repainted.

New stainless steel mudguards were installed.

The seat was recovered.

The forks were rebuilt.

Both of the wheels were rebuilt with alloy rims and stainless spokes.

The bike was totally rewired and an electronic regulator/rectifier was fitted.

A new ignition switch and ammeter was sourced.

A lovely restored Royal Enfield Crusader Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson FLH Touring – 1969 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Harley Davidson      Year:

Harley-Davidson FLH Touring – 1969

Year: 1969
Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
Model: Touring
Colour: Blue
Engine Size: 1200
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1969 Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycle.

This 1969 FLH full dresser was restored by its owner.

It was painted original sparkling blue with wrinkle black panels.

A tour pack, fairing and Burch white bags were used.

The motor and transmission were check and rebuilt.

The engine was rebuilt with +20 over pistons and all new seals and gaskets.

The Tillitson carb was rebuilt.

The original Harley model 65 generator was rebuilt and a new regulator was fitted.

A complete new wire harness and speedo was installed.

New chrome wheel rims were laced with stainless steel spokes.

A new Paughco exhaust with replica mufflers was used.

A lovely restored Harley-Davidson FLH Touring Motorcycle.