Harley-Davidson FLH – 1968 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Harley Davidson      Year:

Harley-Davidson FLH – 1968

Year: 1968
Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
Model: FLH
Colour: Orange/Black
Engine Size: 1200
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Electric Start

Restored 1968 Harley-Davidson FLH Touring Motorcycle.

This outstanding Harley-Davidson was restored by its owner.

This bike was totally restored top to bottom and front to back.

The motor was rebuilt with 40 over pistons.

All of the seals and gaskets were replaced.

The original Tillitson carburettor was rebuilt.

The original Harley model 65 generator was rebuilt.

A new regulator was installed.

The original tanks, fenders and bags were repainted.

A complete new wire harness was fitted.

A new speedo was fitted.

New chrome wheel rims were laced with stainless steel spokes.

A really great restored 1968 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.

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Rickman Kawasaki CR900 – 1975 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Rickman      Year:

Rickman Kawasaki CR900 – 1975

Year: 1975
Manufacturer: Rickman Kawasaki
Model: CR900
Colour: Yellow
Engine Size: 1105
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Combo

Restored 1975 Rickman Kawasaki CR900 Motorcycle.

This Rickman special was fully restored by its owner in the USA.

The frame was hand polished.

The wheels were rebuilt with stainless steel spokes.

The paintwork was professionally re-finished.

A new screen was fitted.

The top end of the engine was stripped and professionally rebuilt.

The front forks were rebuilt.

The front and rear brakes were rebuilt.

Many new fasteners were used in the rebuild.

All of the electrical items were checked and replaced as needed.

New bearings were fitted.

A gorgeous restored Rickman Kawasaki Motorcycle.

Suzuki T500 Titan – 1974 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Suzuki      Year:

Suzuki T500 Titan – 1974

Year: 1974
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Model: T500 Titan
Colour: Red
Engine Size: 493
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1974 Suzuki T500 Motorcycle.

This lovely Titan was fully restored by its owner.

Many parts were either refurbished or replaced with original new old stock parts from around the world.

The tank and side covers were properly finished in the original Suzuki Candy Gypsy Red.

The frame was powder coated.

All of the alloy engine parts were polished or professionally blast cleaned.

The original silencers were re-chromed.

New headlamp ears were fitted.

The headlight dish and rim were re-chromed.

The forks were refurbished with new seals.

The engine was rebuilt.

The crank was refurbished.

An excellent restored Suzuki T500 Titan Motorcycle.

Honda CB350 – 1971 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Honda      Year:

Honda CB350 – 1971

Year: 1971
Manufacturer: Honda
Model: CB350
Colour: Gold
Engine Size: 350
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Combo

Restored 1971 Honda CB350 Motorcycle.

This Honda was fully restored by its owner.

The frame was sanded and repainted.

All of the hardware was taken off, acid stripped and zinc plated.

The wheels were taken apart.

The hubs were sanded and polished.

The spokes were re-plated.

The carburettors were put through an ultrasonic cleaner and rebuilt with all new o-rings, fuel jets, needles and seats.

The throttle cable, clutch cable and brake cables were replaced.

The front forks were taken apart and the oil seals were replaced.

The front drum brake hub was taken apart and all corrosion on the brake surface sanded off.

New Honda factory grips were fitted.

The clutch and brake levers were replaced.

The seat was reupholstered with new vinyl and foam.

New rear shocks were installed.

New chrome mufflers were fitted.

New turn signals were fitted.

The electrical system was inspected.

All of the connectors were taken apart and the corrosion cleaned off for optimal performance.

A lovely restored Honda CB350 Motorcycle.

Suzuki T500J – 1972 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Suzuki      Year:

Suzuki T500J – 1972

Year: 1972
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Model: T500J
Colour: Blue
Engine Size: 500
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

This ground-up restoration was completed by its owner.

It was restored inside and out using many new old stock (NOS) original parts.

The chrome was restored and the rear fender, mufflers and pipes were re-chromed.

The brakes, fork seals, tyres, tubes, battery, chain, sprockets, left hand switch and the headlight was replaced.

The motor was taken completely apart by a Suzuki dealer and refurbished.

New pistons, rings and crank seals were fitted.

The carburettors were rebuilt and tuned.

The tank and side covers were professionally painted.

The frame and parts were powder coated

This is a beautiful example of a 1972 Suzuki T500J Motorcyle