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Take a look at the amazing range of Motorcycle Touring Trips that you can go on as part of your Biking Holiday or Vacation.  You can ride your own bike or hire one as part of a package.

Adriatic Rollercoaster Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Slovenia | Croatia
Adventure North Cape Motorcycle Tour
Norway | Finland
Alpine Backroads Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Switzerland | Italy
Alps Extreme Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Italy
Alps Riding Academy Motorcycle Tour
Alps Riding Training Motorcycle Tour
Alps and Lakes Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Germany
Andalusia Motorcycle Tour
Spain | Gibraltar
Balkan Adventure Motorcycle Tour
Croatia | Bosnia-herzegovina
Best of Europe Motorcycle Tour
Germany | Switzerland | Austria | France | Liechtenstein
Best of Italy Motorcycle Tour
Italy | San Marino
Breweries and Castles Motorcycle Tour
Germany | France | Belgium | Luxembourg
Celtic  Motorcycle Tour
Great Britain
Christopher Columbus Motorcycle Tour
Spain | Portugal
Corsica-Sardegna Motorcycle Tour
Italy | France
Croatia by Scooter Motorcycle Tour
Croatia | Slovenia
Cross the Alps Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Italy
Edelweiss Feschtl Motorcycle Tour
Germany – Rhine Valley
French Riviera by Scooter Motorcycle Tour
Grand Alps Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Liechtenstein | Switzerland | France | Italy
High Alpine Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Liechtenstein | Switzerland | Germany | Italy
Highlander Motorcycle Tour
Great Britain
Kings and Castles Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Czech Republic | Germany | Poland | Slovakia | Hungary
MOA Thousands Island Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Croatia | Slovenia
Majestic Alps Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Germany | Liechtenstein | Switzerland | Italy
Moscow to St. Petersburg Motorcycle Tour
Pyrenees Extreme Motorcycle Tour
Spain | France
Rome to Sicily Motorcycle Tour
Royal Edelweiss Dream Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Switzerland | Italy
Section – Munich to Moscow Motorcycle Tour
Germany | Austria | Czech Republic | Poland | Lithuania | Latvia | Estonia | Russia
The Heart of Italy Motorcycle Tour
The Ultimate Alps Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Switzerland | Italy
The Viking Experience Motorcycle Tour
Sweden | Norway
Tour of Tuscany Motorcycle Tour
Italy | San Marino
Tour of the Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour
Spain | Andorra | France
Touring Center Alps Motorcycle Tour
Austria | Switzerland | Germany | Italy
Touring Center Dolomites Motorcycle Tour
Italy | Austria
Touring Center Norway Motorcycle Tour
Tuscany by Scooter Motorcycle Tour

Adventure Altiplano Motorcycle Tour
Chile | Bolivia | Argentina
Adventure Costa Rica and Nicaragua Motorcycle Tour
Costa Rica | Nicaragua
Adventure Machu Picchu Motorcycle Tour
Chile | Peru
Adventure Patagonia Motorcycle Tour
Chile | Argentina
Adventure Top of the World Motorcycle Tour
USA | Canada
Baja California Motorcycle Tour
USA | Mexico
Best of Cuba Motorcycle Tour
California Off-Road Training and Tour
Californian Dream Motorcycle Tour
Canada West Motorcycle Tour
Washington State | Alberta | British Columbia
Classic Cuba Motorcycle Tour
Colorado Adventure Motorcycle Tour
Colorado | Utah
Edelweiss Feschtl Motorcycle Tour
USA – Sequoia National Park
Highway Number 1 Motorcycle Tour
Washington State | Oregon | California
Magnificent Grand Canyon Motorcycle Tour
Nevada | Arizona | Utah
Section – Buenos Aires to Bogota Motorcycle Tour
Argentina | Uruguay | Brazil | Argentina | Chile | Bolivia | Peru | Ecuador | Colombia
Section – Los Angeles to New York Motorcycle Tour
California | Nevada | Arizona | Utah | Colorado | New Mexico | Texas | Louisiana | Mississippi | Alabama | Georgia | Tennessee | North Carolina | West Virginia | Virginia | Washington | Dist. Of Columbia | Delaware | Pennsylvania | New Jersey | New York
Section – Panama City to Los Angeles Motorcycle Tour
Colombia | Panama | Costa Rica | Nicaragua | Honduras | Guatemala | Mexico | Usa
Section – Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires Motorcycle Tour
Chile | Argentina
Southern California Backroads Motorcycle Tour
Nevada | California | Arizona
Ultimate USA Motorcycle Tour
Florida | Alabama | Mississippi | Lousiana | Arkansas | Oklahoma | Texas | New Mexico | Colorado | Utah | Arizona | Nevada | California
Viva Las Vegas Motorcycle Tour
Nevada | California | Arizona

Adventure Big Five Motorcycle Tour
South Africa | Namibia | Botswana | Zimbabwe
Adventure Kilimanjaro Motorcycle Tour
Kenya | Tanzania
Morocco Motorcycle Tour
Spain | Morocco | Gibraltar
Royal Morocco Dream Motorcycle Tour
Section – Cape Town to Nairobi Motorcycle Tour
South Africa | Namibia | Botswana | Sambia | Malawi | Tansania | Kenya
South Africa Motorcycle Tour
South Africa | Swaziland

New Zealand Motorcycle Tour
New Zealand
Section – Perth to Sydney Motorcycle Tour
Western Australia | Northern Territory | South Australia | Victoria | New South Wales

Above the Himalayas Motorcycle Tour
Adventure Myanmar Motorcycle Tour
Thailand | Myanmar
Scouting Myanmar Motorcycle Tour
Thailand | Burma
Section – Moscow to Bangkok Motorcycle Tour
Russia | Kazakhstan | China | Laos | Thailand
South-East Asia Motorcycle Tour
Thailand | Cambodia | Laos

You’ll find many reputable Motorcycle Holiday and Motorcycle Vacation operators in all destinations across the globe.

This very small selection of Motorcycle Touring Vacations was taken from Edelweiss Bike Travel.


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