Triumph X-75 Hurricane – 1973 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Triumph      Year:

Triumph X-75 Hurricane – 1973

Year: 1973
Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: Hurricane X-75
Colour: Orange
Engine Size: 741
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1973 Triumph X-75 Hurricane Motorcycle.

This Triumph was restored by its owner.

The engine was completely rebuilt and bored .060 over.

The carburettors were rebuilt with new jets.

The body work was professionally repainted.

A new exhaust system was fitted.

Most of the original parts were re-chromed.

The wheel rims were re-chromed.

The wheels were rebuilt with new stainless spokes.

The front brake was rebuilt with new pads.

The front forks were stripped and rebuilt with new seals.

A new wiring loom was fitted.

All of the electrical items were checked and replaced and needed.

A gorgeous restored Triumph Hurricane Motorcycle.

Kawasaki Z1B – 1974 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Kawasaki      Year:

Kawasaki Z1B – 1974

Year: 1974
Manufacturer: Kawasaki
Model: Z1B
Colour: Green
Engine Size: 903
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Combo

Restored 1974 Kawasaki Z1B Motorcycle.

This Kawasaki was fully restored by its owner.

The bike was completely taken down to the frame.

The painted parts were taken down to bare metal and painted with PJ1 frame paint.

The engine was completely disassembled, inspected and rebuilt.

The cylinders were bored and fitted with new pistons and rings.

The cam chain was replaced.

The head was rebuilt with new valve guides and seals.

The clutch plates were replaced.

All of the cables were replaced.

A new wiring harness was fitted.

The coils and leads were replaced.

The gauges were restored.

A new seat was fitted.

New rear shocks were fitted.

New OEM fenders were fitted.

The original wheel rims were re-spoked.

The front master cylinder and brake caliper were rebuilt.

The carbs were rebuilt with new gaskets.

The front forks were rebuilt with new seals and dust caps.

The complete exhaust system and mounting hardware was replaced.

The handle bars and switch blocks were replaced.

A lovely restored Kawasaki Z1B Motorcycle.

Honda CBX1000Z – 1981 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Honda      Year:

Honda CBX1000Z – 1981

Year: 1981
Manufacturer: Honda
Model: CBX 1000Z
Colour: Silver
Engine Size: 1047
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Electric Start

Restored 1981 Honda CBX Motorcycle.

This stunning Honda was fully restored by its owner.

The paintwork was professionally finished in the correct silver.

The rolling chassis was painted in gloss / satin black as per the original.

The original comstar wheels were refurbished.

New wheel bearings (including the rear sprocket carrier) were fitted.

The brake calipers and master cylinders were rebuilt with new seals.

All of the cables were replaced.

New steering head bearings were installed.

The clocks were refurbished.

A new wiring harness was fitted.

An exact replica exhaust system was fitted.

The fasteners and brackets were zinc plated throughout.

The carburettors were totally rebuilt.

The engine was rebuilt.

The primary and cam chains were replaced.

The crank cases, cylinders and head were vapour blasted.

The valves were lapped and adjusted.

The alternator was rebuilt with new bearings, seals and brushes.

The handlebar switches were refurbished.

An exceptional restored Honda CBX1000Z Motorcycle.