Suzuki GT550A – 1976 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Suzuki      Year:

Suzuki GT550A – 1976

Year: 1976
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Model: GT550A
Colour: Red
Engine Size: 543
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Combo

Restored 1976 Suzuki GT550A Motorcycle.

This motorcycle was restored by its owner.

The carburettors were soda blasted and ultrasonically cleaned.

The carbs were then rebuilt with new genuine jets and seals.

New inlet rubbers were fitted.

A new front master cylinder was installed.

The front brake calliper was rebuilt.

A new old stock front mudguard and a chain guard was fitted.

The clocks and switches were rebuilt.

New handlebars and grips were fitted.

The seat was rebuilt with new foam and a new cover.

The fuel cap was chromed.

New rear indicators were fitted.

A new reproduction grab rail was fitted.

All of the cables were replaced.

A very nice rebuilt and restored Suzuki GT550 Motorcycle.

BMW R27 – 1957 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: BMW      Year:

BMW R27 – 1957

Year: 1957
Manufacturer: BMW
Model: R26
Colour: Black
Engine Size: 260
Drive Type: Shaft
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1957 BMW R26 Motorcycle.

This stunning BMW was fully restored by its owner in the USA.

All of the parts used were purchased from Germany.

The bike was stripped and all of the parts were either media blasted, re-chromed or powder coated.

The tinware was professionally painted.

A new wiring harness was fitted.

Electronic ignition was installed.

The wheels were stripped and rebuilt.

All of the rubber parts were replaced.

The front and rear suspension was rebuilt with new seals.

All of the bushes and bearing were replaced.

A new old stock VDO speedometer was sourced from Germany.

A lovely restored BMW R27 Motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Model G – 1950 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Royal Enfield      Year:

Royal Enfield Model G – 1950

Year: 1950
Manufacturer: Royal Enfield
Model: Model G
Colour: Black
Engine Size: 350
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1950 Royal Enfield Model G Motorcycle.

This bike was fully restored by its owner.

The frame was stripped, shot blasted and then primed and painted with two pack black.

The engine was stripped.

The cases were vapour blasted.

All parts were checked and replaced where required using only genuine RE British made old stock parts.

A new piston was fitted to the re-bored cylinder.

The cylinder was fitted with new valves.

The gearbox was stripped and re-bushed.

The magneto was professionally rebuilt.

The wheels were rebuilt using British rims and stainless spokes.

The forks were rebuilt.

A new exhaust was fitted.

Many parts were re-chromed.

The fuel tank was cleaned prior to painting and the Royal Enfield name was hand painted by a sign writer in antique gold finish.

The dynamo was rebuilt.

A really nice restored Royal Enfield Model G Motorcycle.