Honda Dream – 1965 Restored Motorcycle

Honda Dream – 1965

Year: 1965
Make: Honda
Model: CA77 Dream
Exterior Colour: Red
Engine Size: 305
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1965 Honda Dream Motorcycle.

This Honda has undergone a full ground up restoration.

The Engine;

Completely disassembled, the cases, cylinder and head were bead blasted.
New rings were fitted.
The valves and seats were resurfaced.
All of the parts were cleaned and inspected.
All new gaskets and oil seals were used.
The carburettor was rebuilt.
All new and correct fuel lines and clips used.
A new air filter and intake tube was fitted.
The original petcock was cleaned and rebuilt.
New spark plug wires were fitted to the original coil with the original metal plug caps.
New plugs, points and condenser fitted.
The original exhaust system was re-chromed.

The Frame;

Sandblasted to bare metal, primed and painted.
All rubber bushings for the front and rear suspension were replaced.
New peg rubbers were used.
Every nut, bolt, screw, washer, bracket and spring was either replaced or the original was re-zinc plated.
All chrome parts were re-chromed.
A new aftermarket seat cover was fitted to a seat frame that was blasted repainted.

The Wheels;

All new seals, the bearings were cleaned inspected and greased.
The original rims were re-chromed.
The original spokes were zinc plated with the correct yellow zinc on the nipples.
Hubs were bead blasted and polished.
Finished with NOS Firestone whitewall tyres.

The Electrics and Controls;

The handlebar switches were cleaned and rewired.
The levers and perches were replaced with after-market items.
New reproduction mirrors were used.

A superb restoration of this Honda Dream Motorcycle.

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Yamaha FS1E – 1976 Restored Motorcycle

Yamaha FS1E – 1976

Year: 1976
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: FS1E DX
Colour: Yellow
Engine Size: 50
Gears: Four-speed manual
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick start

Restored 1976 Yamaha FS1E Motorcycle.

The engine was striped and rebuilt with new bearings, seals and piston rings.

The carburettor was reconditioned.

The outer engine casings were shot blasted and powder coated.

A new wiring loom, rectifier, battery, points and condenser were used.

All new switches including the front and rear brake light switches were installed.

New wheel bearings were fitted to rebuilt wheels with new rims and spokes.

The frame and swinging arm were shot blasted, metal treated and powder coated.

A new pedal chain and change over assembly was used

The front and rear brake linings were replaced.

Many other new parts were used including:

New master cylinder and brake pipe,
New brake and clutch levers,
New speedo,
New mudguards,
New genuine fuel cap,
New tank tap,
All rubber hoses.

The tank and side panels were shot blasted treated, primed and wet sprayed.

A really lovely restored Yamaha FS1E Motorcycle.

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