Ducati Sport – 1966 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Ducati      Year:

Ducati Sport – 1966

Year: 1966
Make: Ducati
Model: Sport
Engine Size: 160
Colour: Blue/Gold
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1966 Ducati Sport 160 Motorcycle.

Everything on this motorcycle was taken down to the last nut and bolt.

It was then cleaned, inspected, polished, plated, painted or otherwise finished as required.

The engine was completely disassembled, every bearing and bushing was replaced.

The crankshaft was rebuilt, and everything was expertly assembled and correctly timed.

The entire clutch was replaced with new, the transmission inspected and properly shimmed.

A new Electrex 140 watt alternator was installed.

A featherweight lithium-ion battery was installed inside an original empty battery housing.

A new solid state regulator rectifier was used, with plug-in fuses in a new harness.

The seat was replaced with a new Item.

All cables were replaced.

All hoses and petcocks were replaced.

The brake linings and the drive chain are new.

The front forks were rebuilt with new Verlicchi fork tubes and bushings.

New 18″ flanged Italian alloy rims were laced with Buchanan’s stainless spokes.

An excellent and unusual Ducati Motorcycle.

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Honda CB160 – 1965 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Honda      Year:

Honda CB160 – 1965

Year: 1965
Colour: Red
Make: Honda
Engine Size: 160
Model: CB160
Mileage: 1,163
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Combo

Fully restored 1965 Honda CB160 motorcycle.

This was a full nut and bolt restoration and took many years to complete, 98% of the parts used were new old stock genuine Honda parts.

The frame, swing arm, forks, headlight bucket, and chain guard were stripped and professionally painted and matched to an unopened can off genuine Honda red paint from 1965.

The grey/silver paint on the side covers and front fender was matched to a new old stock rear fender.

Every piece of aluminium was polished to a mirror finish.

The engine was completely rebuilt using all Honda parts.

All of these parts are new old stock.

New complete seat.

Rear shocks, forks/springs.

Rear fender.

Complete exhaust system.

Honda spokes.

All cables and rubber pieces.

Chain, sprockets, battery box.

Headlight and wiring.

New Honda clutch, valves, guides and springs.

Stock Honda paint from 1965 to match all body work

A lot of time, cash, and effort went into this meticulous motorcycle restoration and it really shows.

Triumph Bonneville – 1970 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Triumph      Year:

Triumph Bonneville – 1970

Year: 1970
Exterior Colour: Astral Red and Silver
Make: Triumph
Engine Size: 650
Model: Bonneville
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick

Restored 1970 Triumph Bonneville.

This was a nut and bolt restoration, everything new or rebuilt.

The Engine and Gearbox were rebuilt by a specialist in British motorcycles.

Fitted with new Amal Carbs.

The paint was professionally applied with pin striping.

The nuts and bolts were cad plated.

The wheels were rebuilt with new stainless spokes.

The wheel rims were made in the UK.

The frame and most of the parts were powder coated.

The gauges were rebuilt.

A halogen Headlight bulb was added.

A great restoration with the attention to detail obvious in the pictures above.

Norton Commando 850 – 1973 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Norton      Year:

Norton Commando 850 – 1973

Year: 1973
Make: Norton
Model: Commando
Engine Size: 829
Colour: Red
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Combo

Restored 1973 Norton Commando Motorcycle.

The frame was powder coated along with swing arm, battery carrier, centre stand, side stand and the seat pan.

New fork tubes were fitted.

The fork lowers were polished.

New adjustable dampers were fitted.

A racing front calliper was fitted and a 12″ Norman Hyde front disc.

The stock front master cylinder was re-sleeved to 13mm.

New Hagon rear shocks were fitted.

The stock rims were re chromed and fitted with stainless steel spokes, each spoke was individually polished.

The steel Norton gas tank and side covers were painted in candy apple red over black cherry pearl with gold pin-striping.

A new oil pump was fitted.

New oil pressure relief valve fitted.

The crankshaft was professionally balanced.

New big end bearings fitted.

New pistons sourced and fitted.

A Colorado Norton works head steady was added.

New MKIII adjustable isolastics front and rear fitted.

A new Amal carburettor was found and fitted.

New primary chain fitted.

New Tri-Spark electronic ignition system.

New Sparx 3-phase charging system alternator, rotor and regulator.

An excellent restored Norton Commando 850 Motorcycle.

Suzuki GT250 – 1975 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Suzuki      Year:

Suzuki GT250 – 1975

Year: 1975
Make: Suzuki
Model: GT250
Colour: Chameleon
Engine Size: 249
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1975 Suzuki GT250 Motorcycle.

The frame was taken down to bare metal and powder coated including the swinging arm.

New original rear shocks were fitted.

All of the outer engine cases and the bare aluminium on the frame was hand polished to chrome like quality.

All the chrome work was stripped back and new chrome applied, this kept all of the parts original including the exhausts.

The engine was fully rebuilt using new rings, gaskets and seals.

All of the fasteners on the engine are stainless steel.

The engine cases were soda blasted including the carbs.

The carbs were rebuilt with original equipment kits.

Every item including the hydraulics were fully restored with new kits.

New tyres.

New brakes.

New front fork tubes and seals.

All of the original bolts were hand cleaned including the Suzuki logo bolts.

A really great restored Suzuki GT250 Motorcycle.