Norton ES2 – 1949 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Norton      Year:

Norton ES2 – 1949

Year: 1949
Manufacturer: Norton
Model: ES2
Colour: Silver
Engine Size: 500
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1949 Norton ES2 Motorcycle.

This motorcycle was completely restored by its owner in 2003.

All of the replacement parts used were original spare parts or parts made as the original.

The cylinder head was provided with new valves and valve guides.

The barrel was bored and fitted with a new piston and rings.

All of the bearings were checked.

The bushings in the timing side were replaced with new ones.

The gearbox was stripped and checked.

All of the seals and gaskets in the engine were replaced with new ones.

New clutch plates and springs were fitted.

The frame was painted.

New footrest rubbers were fitted.

The headlamp rim, big nut to exhaust, oil cap, dust caps on the handlebar, gear and brake pedal, kickstart pedal and the pipes for the pushrods were re-chromed.

A complete new exhaust system was fitted.

The wheels were rebuilt with new bearings and new stainless spokes.

The fuel tank and displays were painted in original colours.

The tank was fitted with new kneepads and two new petrol cocks with filters.

The saddle and springs were replaced.

A new wiring loom was fitted.

An outstanding restored Norton ES2 Motorcycle.

Ducati 175 – 1958 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Ducati      Year:

Ducati 175 – 1958

Year: 1958
Manufacturer: Ducati
Model: 175
Colour: Red/Bronze
Engine Size: 175
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1958 Ducati 175 Motorcycle.

This bike was stripped to the bare frame.

The frame and tinware were media blasted and then repaired where needed.

A full professional repaint in two pack paint and clear lacquer was completed.

New transfers were applied prior to lacquering.

The engine castings were vapour blasted and the engine rebuilt with new bearings and piston rings.

The crankshaft sludge trap was cleaned and all shafts were properly shimmed.

New clutch springs, friction and steel plates were installed.

All of the gaskets and oil seals were replaced.

All fastenings were replaced with stainless where possible.

New bearings and fork seals were fitted.

The wheels were rebuilt with new spokes and the original Akront rims were polished.

The bike was fully rewired using quality connectors and wire and converted to 12 volts using a modern rectifier/regulator and a sealed battery that sits inside the replica battery box.

The original switch gear was refurbished.

All the chrome work was re-plated.

The seat was recovered.

New stainless axle nuts were fitted.

All of the control cables were replaced.

The exhaust, silencer, headlamp rim, tail light, footrest rubbers, pillion rests, handlebars, control levers, grips and numerous other parts were replaced.

A great restored Ducati 175 Motorcycle.

Triumph Trident T150V – 1970 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Triumph      Year:

Triumph Trident T150V – 1970

Year: 1970
Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: Trident T150v
Colour: Black
Engine Size: 750
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1970 Triumph Trident Motorcycle.

This Triumph was comprehensively restored by its owner.

The engine was meticulously restored by a factory trained technician.

New paint was professionally applied.

Many parts were re-chromed.

New UK wheel rims were sourced.

The wheels were rebuilt with stainless steel spokes.

New Metzeler tyres were fitted.

A new complete exhaust system was fitted.

Many fasteners were replaced.

All of the cables were replaced.

The suspension was stripped and rebuilt with new seals and oil.

All of the electrical items were checked and replaced if needed.

A great restored Triumph Trident Motorcycle.

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