Honda CB750K2 – 1972 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Honda      Year:

Honda CB750K2 – 1972

Year: 1972
Manufacturer: Honda
Model: CB750 K2
Colour: Orange
Engine Size: 750
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Combo

Restored 1972 Honda CB750K2 Motorcycle.

This was a professional restoration, OEM Honda parts were used if available.

The engine was rebuilt with new bearings, seals, gaskets and piston rings.

The frame and swingarm were powder coated.

Sunrise Flake Orange paint was professionally applied.

All of the hardware was professionally zinc plated.

The carburettors were rebuilt.

A new front fender was fitted.

New wheel rims were laced with new spokes.

New brakes were installed.

A new seat was fitted.

After-market turn signals were used.

The tach and speedo were rebuilt to new specifications.

The rear fender and tail light bracket were professionally re-chromed.

A stunning restored Honda CB750K2 Motorcycle.

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Honda CB750K0 -1969 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Honda      Year:

Honda CB750K0 -1969

Year: 1969
Manufacturer: Honda
Model: CB750 K0
Colour: Red
Engine Size: 750
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Combo

Restored 1969 Honda CB750 K0 Motorcycle.

This bike received a total restoration by an avid collector and expert mechanic.

The engine was rebuilt with new piston rings.

The cylinder head was cleaned and new o-rings and valve guide seals were installed.

A new cam chain was fitted.

The engine was reassembled with all new engine gaskets.

A new Honda HM300 4 into 4 exhaust was sourced.

The frame was bead blasted and powder coated.

The correct early K0 rims were re-chromed and rebuilt with new spokes.

The brakes were replaced.

The original double cut front fender and rear fenders were re-chromed.

All of the cables were replaced.

The tank, side covers, air box and fork ears, were professionally painted.

The engine cases were polished.

A lovely restored 1969 Honda CB750 Motorcycle.

Honda CB77 Super Hawk – 1964 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Honda      Year:

Honda CB77 Super Hawk – 1964

Year: 1964
Make: Honda
Model: CB77
Colour: Silver/Black
Engine Size: 305
Start Type: Combo
Drive Type: Chain

Restored 1964 Honda CB77 Super Hawk Motorcycle.

This bike has undergone a full nut-and-bolt restoration to the highest standard.

Every part, nut and bolt was either re-chromed, polished or is new.

Every fin of the head and cylinder was hand polished.

Fitted with NOS OEM exhaust pipes and baffles.

New aluminium Japanese rims with stainless steel spokes.

New plastic tank badges.

The seat was covered in calf leather and then stencilled.

New period correct tyres.

New foot pegs and grips.

All new cables.

The top end of the engine is virtually all new except the cams which were inspected and reused.

The bottom end and gearbox were thoroughly inspected and rebuilt as needed.

New oil pump, bearings, seals, clutch discs and cam chain.

The carburettors were rebuilt with new jets and floats.

The rear shocks were completely disassembled and rebuilt.

The front forks were disassembled and cleaned.

All new paint with base coat and clear coat.

What can we say…… A stunning Honda CB77!

Yamaha SS50 – 1974 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Yamaha      Year:

Yamaha SS50 – 1974

Year: 1974
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: SS50
Colour: Candy Orange
Engine Size: 50
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1974 Yamaha SS50 Motorcycle.

This Yamaha was fully restored by its owner.

The paintwork was professionally re-finished in Candy Orange.

The engine was rebuilt with new bearings in both the gearbox and the crankshaft.

New oil seals were used.

The front and rear suspension was rebuilt.

The frame was powder-coated.

New mirrors were fitted.

All of the rubber items were replaced.

The carburettor was rebuilt.

All of the electrical items were checked and replaced if needed.

The brakes were rebuilt with new shoes.

New mudguards were fitted.

A great restored Yamaha SS50 from the 1970s.

Suzuki GT750 – 1974 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Suzuki      Year:

Suzuki GT750 – 1974

Year: 1974
Manufacturer: Suzuki
Model: GT750
Colour: Blue
Engine Size: 750
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Combo

Restored 1974 Suzuki GT750 Motorcycle.

This Kettle was fully restored by its owner.

The NOS exhaust pipes were all re-chromed using copper before the chrome layer.

The paint was professionally re-finished.

The original wheel rims were re-chromed.

The gauges were rebuilt and set back to zero.

The engine had a complete rebuild using one over pistons and the cylinders were machined.

All of the the crank seals were replaced.

Stainless steel spokes were custom made and installed on the original re-chromed wheels

The frame was powder coated after inspection.

NOS handle bar switches were fitted to both sides.

A new reproduction seat was fitted.

All new cables and hydraulic brake lines were used.

A great restored Suzuki GT750 Motorcycle.