BMW R27 – 1963 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: BMW      Year:

BMW R27 – 1963

Year: 1963
Manufacturer: BMW
Model: R27
Colour: Black
Engine Size: 250
Drive Type: Shaft
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1963 BMW R27 Motorcycle.

This lovely old BMW was restored by its owner in the USA.

The bike was professionally repainted with all new hand painted stripes.

Anything that was chrome was re-chromed.

The aluminium wheels were rebuilt with stainless steel spokes.

A new seat was fitted.

A new Denfeld folding luggage rack was added.

The engine was painted.

All of the nuts and bolts were replaced with stainless steel items to avoid them rusting in the future.

The tank emblems were replaced.

The carburettor was rebuilt with new seals.

A new motor mount was fitted.

A stainless steel muffler was added.

A new Hela headlight was fitted.

The wiring harness was replaced.

A lovely restored BMW R27 Motorcycle.

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Indian Chief – 1948 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Indian      Year:

Indian Chief – 1948

Year: 1948
Manufacturer: Indian
Model: Chief
Colour: Blue
Engine Size: 1200
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1948 Indian Motorcycle.

This Indian was fully rebuilt and restored by its owner.

New gas tanks were sourced and fitted.

The fenders were replaced.

The paintwork was re-finished.

A new seat was fitted.

New saddle bags were added.

A new old stock speedometer was fitted.

The original fender tip was used.

The motor was rebuilt.

The original cylinders were re-sleeved.

Unleaded value seats were used.

New Bonneville cams and lifters were installed.

New push rods were fitted.

The transmission was rebuilt.

A very nice restored Indian Chief Motorcycle.

Honda CB500 Four – 1975 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Honda      Year:

Honda CB500 Four – 1975

Year: 1975
Manufacturer: Honda
Model: CB500 Four
Colour: Candy Jade Green
Engine Size: 500
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Combo

Restored 1975 Honda CB500 Four Motorcycle.

This stunning CB500 was fully restored by its owner.

The wheels were rebuilt with new rims and spokes.

The engine was rebuilt with new piston rings and reassembled with new gaskets and seals.

The wiring harness was replaced.

All of the decals were replaced.

The petcock and gas cap were replaced.

New rear shock absorbers were fitted.

A new ignition switch was fitted.

The brakes were rebuilt.

The front forks were rebuilt with new seals.

The original hm323 exhausts were re-chromed.

The paintwork was professionally refinished.

A lovely restored Honda CB500 Motorcycle.

Silk 700S – 1977 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Silk      Year:

Silk 700S – 1977

Year: 1977
Manufacturer: Silk
Model: 700S
Colour: Black
Engine Size: 650
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1977 Silk 700S Motorcycle.

The rare motorcycle was restored by its owner in 2011.

The Silk 700S was launched in 1975 and continued until 1978. Only two motorcycles a week came off the production line.

It featured a new engine based on the two stroke engine from the Scott Flying Squirrel in a specially designed steel tubular frame made by Spondon of Derbyshire.

The engine did not have a water pump, instead it used a thermo-syphon cooling system. Coolant in the cylinder jackets absorbed engine heat and rose by convection into the radiator.

The engine was stripped and rebuilt with new pistons and rings.

The frame was powder coated.

The wheels were rebuilt with new spokes.

The seat was recovered.

All of the chrome was re-plated and many other parts were replaced.

A rare and unusual Silk Motorcycle restored and back on the road.

Triumph Bonneville – 1962 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Triumph      Year:

Triumph Bonneville – 1962

Year: 1962
Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: Bonneville
Colour: Orange
Engine Size: 650
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1962 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle.

This Triumph was stripped and restored by its owner in the USA.

The 1962 Bonneville was subject to a year long restoration to bring it to the condition you see in the photos.

For the restoration the motorcycle was torn completely apart.

The motor was completely rebuilt.

The bearings, chains and seals were replaced.

The engine was rebuilt with new gaskets and seals.

The cylinder was bored.

The cases were cleaned and the covers were polished to a mirror finish.

The magneto was fully rebuilt.

All of the black parts on the bike were power coated.

The fasteners and brackets were re-plated.

The gas tank and fenders were painted with the correct paint.

Every sticker that was on the bike from the factory was replaced.

All of the chrome pieces on the motorcycle were re-chromed.

The spokes were re-plated.

A lovely restored Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle.