Ducati 750 Sport – 1974 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Ducati      Year:

Ducati 750 Sport – 1974

Year: 1974
Manufacturer: Ducati
Model: 750 Sport
Colour: Yellow
Engine Size: 750
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1974 Ducati 750 Sport Motorcycle.

This stunning Ducati was restored by its owner in the USA.

The 750 roundcase engine was professionally rebuilt.

The heads were rebuilt with new valve guides, seals and seats.

New 81mm pistons were installed.

The crankshaft was rebuilt, trued and fitted with Carillo rods.

New main bearings were fitted.

All of the gearbox bearings were replaced.

New camshafts were installed.

The original wheel rims were re-laced with stainless spokes and steel nipples.

The bodywork was professionally painted.

A new wiring loom was fitted.

The switchgear was upgraded.

A new regulator was fitted.

A beautifully restored and upgraded Ducati 750 Sport Motorcycle.

Triumph Bonneville Silver Jubilee – 1977 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Triumph      Year:

Triumph Bonneville Silver Jubilee – 1977

Year: 1977
Manufacturer: Triumph
Model: Bonneville – Silver Jubilee
Colour: Silver
Engine Size: 750
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1977 Triumph Bonneville Silver Jubilee Motorcycle.

This lovely limited edition Bonnie was fully restored by its owner.

The majority of the black parts were stripped and powder coated.

All of the paintwork was re-finished.

The front forks were rebuilt with new stanchions, springs and seals.

New stainless steel wheels and spokes were fitted.

The wheel hubs were polished and new bearings were fitted.

A complete new headlamp was fitted.

The rev counter was replaced.

New switches were fitted where needed.

A full new wiring loom was installed.

New brake hoses were used.

The seat was replaced with a new item.

The chrome panels were re-chromed.

The full exhaust system was replaced.

New headstock bearings were fitted.

The engine and gearbox were stripped and rebuilt.

The carburettors were fully reconditioned.

New handlebars were fitted.

A lovely restored Triumph Bonneville Silver Jubilee Motorcycle.

Bridgestone Mountain 90 – 1968 Restored Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Bridgestone      Year:

Bridgestone Mountain 90 – 1968

Year: 1968
Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Model: Mountain
Colour: Blue
Engine Size: 90
Drive Type: Chain
Start Type: Kick Start

Restored 1968 Bridgestone Mountain 90 Motorcycle.

This Motorcycle was restored by its owner.

A complete overhaul and restoration was performed with every component disassembled, inspected, refurbished or rebuilt.

The carburettor, engine and transmission were rebuilt.

The frame, rear fender, rear swingarm and the gas tank were repainted.

The wheels were rebuilt with new spokes and new modern tyres were installed.

A new seat was fitted.

The speedo, throttle & brake cables were replaced.

Other new parts used in the restoration include:

New tank knee pads,
Inner exhaust baffle,
Chrome rear brake lever,
Gas cap,
Chrome head light rim,
Side cover knob,
Connecting rod & bearing,
Piston rings,
Magneto case cover,
Frame down tube,
Front & rear mud flaps,
Points & condenser,
Air filter element,
Carb rubber joint,
Carb air cap,
Footrest rubbers,
Throttle valve,
Shifter pedal,
Battery tie down rubber band,
Head gasket.
Exhaust pipe gasket,
Exhaust pipe,
Right and left hand grips.
The original wiring harness was inspected and reused.

A really great restored Bridgestone Mountain 90 Motorcycle.